BuyChain Marketplace Features

We are building the premium online trading platform for the wholesale lumber industry, focused on making trading easier, faster and better for both buyers and sellers

For Lumber Buyers

We are committed to providing a marketplace that is transparent, accurate, efficient to help you buy faster, easier and smarter than every before

For Lumber Sellers

We are committed to providing an efficient marketplace that eliminates the need for repeated quoting, negotiating, that that helps you get the best price possible while providing greater visibility into the market for your products.

Just some of the ways we make selling Lumber Easier, Cheaper & Faster

We are constantly rolling out new features thanks to input from our customers and partners, but these are some of the most powerful capabilities we have built so far.

RFQ Management

Automated RFP management so buyers can get accurate price quotes on their inquiries without taking your time, so you only respond to offers.

Instant Purchasing

All active inventory and priced production is available for instant purchase, so you can sell directly off pricelist 24/7 without you needed to respond

Market Pricing & Insights

Feel confident in your pricing decisions with market prices in real-time and greater visibility into market moves and macro trends.

Transaction Dashboard

Easily keep track of orders, PO's, shipment and logistics details all in one place. Organized based on your locations and sales that can be filtered to your personal view.

Logistic Automation

The platform will automatically revise pricing to show delivered to the customer's destination. If you are on the line with customers with the click of a button can get any FOB mill to delivered price based on your own freight rates.

Customer Insights

Detailed reporting on all orders for pricing, product type, volume, shipment, and more to give you better insights into where your products travel, the best markets for your products and highest value customers.

Logistic Management

Real-Time order tracking, automatic notifications of shipment or delay and one-click request for updates are handled by the platform directly to the customer. No more chasing trucks or tracking cars. Production delays can be sent to all impacted customers with the one click.

Full Customer Profiles

You will see the buyers profile, credit rating, purchase behavior and logistics details so you always know who you are selling to. Qualified wholesale buyers, distributors and retails customers buying in full truck and carload quantities are the only buyers allowed onto our platform.


Total Transparency

Full transparent trades on anything you sell in the platform. Who you sold the products to, what you sold it for, where it was shipped and when it delivered to facilitate a transparent market and also reduce the amount of speculation and market volatility. 

Anywhere and Anytime

The beauty of an online marketplace is that it is open anytime and available on any digital device. Just visit and you can be buying or selling lumber. We will be launching native mobile applications next year, but until then just use your web browser on your mobile device.

"The Wholesale Lumber industry has not changed much since my grandfather ran his lumber operation 100 years ago. BuyChain is here to change that."

– Ryan Cahill, Founder & CEO BuyChain

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