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BuyChain is the end-to-end supply chain management software built for the LBM industry. We unify and mobilize your sales, inventory, and banking so that you can meet the demands of an increasingly volatile market.

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A software that helps you manage volatility and reduce risk.

The industry is experiencing a transformative period where customer demands are evolving and digital tools are needed to keep up with the changing LBM landscape. At the same time volatility is increasing as the industry consolidates. BuyChain aims to be your LBM software partner for market share growth. We can help you build a competitive edge in the rapidly changing and highly volatile lumber commodities market.

LBM Software Solutions

Our end-to-end software consolidates your business’ inventory, logistics, sales, and finances into one platform. With access to real-time data you can grow your market share while reducing your risk by empowering your team to buy and sell faster and with fewer write-offs.

Thanks to our modern and simplified buying process, our customers have reported that sales that used to take them hours, sometimes even days, have been reduced to minutes.

  • ERP: Inventory & Accounting Management
  • TMS: Transportation Management System
  • CRM: Sales & Customer Relationship Management

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You deserve a partner that will come alongside you to help digitize your business. We’re 4th generation lumber professionals and have personally experienced the frustrations of trying to buy and sell in a digital world without adequate industry-specific or end-to-end solutions.

Conduct business
faster and easier

Never miss another deal. A digital real-time ecosystem means you never miss an order or opportunity again.

Our platform allows your sales, warehouse, and logistics teams to operate seamlessly. Instead of numerous back and forths between several different people, your sellers and buyers can easily close transitions in one call.

We even enable customers to serve themselves. This ultimately means sellers spend more time selling and less time chasing their tails.

Maintain and grow
market share

We provide a distinct and meaningful advantage over your competition by connecting fractured intelligence into a single, unified system.

The ease of getting actionable data across the entire supply chain simplifies the most complex transactions, reduces errors and saves time.

Our solution enables your people to buy and sell with greater speed and ease. While, our financial offerings give you the capital and credit you need to focus on your business not the bank.

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Replace your
hammer with a nail gun.

Give your team the tools they need to build and grow the business. Schedule a personalized product demo today. During your demo we’ll show you how BuyChain can digitize your operations, provide real-time data, and reduce risk. Our software solutions can help your LBM company combat volatility and gain a competitive edge.