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BuyChain Is Your Sales Acceleration Suite

Tired of trading phone calls and emails just to purchase a truck of studs or requote freight a dozen times to sell a car of plywood? We thought so. BuyChain is bringing advanced trading functionality to the lumber professional – both buyer and seller and here’s how we’re doing it:

A platform designed for mills to effortlessly sell more

  • Prequalified, creditworthy buyers
  • Precise inventory management
  • Faster inventory turns
  • Forecastable demand

Seeing and buying lumber has never been easier

  • Buy from validated mills and distributors
  • Unprecedented inventory visibility tools
  • Near real-time pricing
  • Unlimited flexibility & granularity

This whole platform is a game-changer for Atlantic Forest Products. We have better control over the entire sales process from buying to selling. Sales are happening faster because we have better information at our fingertips. Product is turning better reducing stock because of the visibility. It’s far exceeded our expectations already.

John Chisholm

CEO , Atlantic Forest Products

The core services of the BuyChain Sales Acceleration Suite allows you and your chosen customers to interact and transact unassisted and with accurate, up-to-the-minute pricing.

Customer Opportunity Engine (CRM)

Unprecedented access and insights into your customers. Transactions, habits and product purchase forecasting. All clearly presented so your team can proactively increase your sales.

Inventory Management

Absolute clarity and visibility into all available inventory make sales happen.  This is exactly what BuyChain presents to buyers and sellers. Gone are the days of guessing what’s in the yard that needs to move.

Zero Touch Sales

Automatically upload available inventory. Buyers login, view, and filter products. Pricing is real-time and orders get placed 24/7. All permission-based and controlled by you. Sell what you want, to who you want, when you want.

Robust Reporting

All of the transactional and customer data is securely organized, purposefully created for quick and easy reporting. Integrations with your ERP or CRM systems as supported well.

Ready To Accelerate Your Sales?

Contact us and we’ll show you first-hand how BuyChain is helping lumber professionals increase their margins and volume. You’re going to be amazed at what we have in store…