Power your profit.

Increase revenue, productivity, and sales through one single optimized operating system.

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Connect the Unconnected.

The world is constantly demanding more with less, and the lumber industry has experienced that firsthand. When information is scattered through different platforms, profitable time and energy that could be spent fulfilling orders is wasted searching for answers.


We get it. Trying to run business risk, drive sales growth and service your customers is a nightmare dealing with excel, chasing down your team for info or suffering through legacy outdated systems.

With our platform you can:

Buy product with ease

Manage inventory and customer data

See full picture when it come to financials

Retailers and Manufacturers

We are transforming the lumber industry with comprehensive solutions that connect the entire supply chain.

With our platform you can:

Increase your revenue

Become more efficient

Focus on what you do best


Are you tired of spending so much of your time quoting the same products? Take back control of your day with one single cloud platform that is always up to date.

With our platform you can:

Streamline your sales

Establish stronger customer relationships

Track shipment & support solutions

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Our Partners

We are honored to work with some of the best in the lumber industry.


We know because
we’ve been there.

With four generations of lumber industry experience, we have the solutions your business needs -both today and in the future. Our unique self-service system makes it seamless for you to increase sales, reduce risk, and expand your margins, all while better serving your customers.

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And now we’re
here for you.

BuyChain listens first and then designs the best way to import and set up your data. We’re here to train your team, streamline your business, and power your profit. We have spent the last 4 years co-developing this product with industry leaders and plan do so forever. We don’t force solutions on our customers, we build what you need.

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Recent Articles

Our industry is constantly evolving. Stay up to date with our latest blogs and news articles to keep informed.

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Fueling Growth with Digital Operations

As the building industry’s infrastructure matures, it will evolve from pen-and-paper workflows to ever-connected mobile eCommerce. Incorporating technology, new talents, and the speed of adoption can dictate a company’s success or failure as it will be a competitive advantage for early adopters.

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The Power of a Digital Supply Chain for Building Materials

In order to understand a digital supply chain, we need to first speak of what it would replace or improve upon: the analog supply chain.

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BuyChain Unveils the LBM Operations Suite

BuyChain has been on an exciting journey as we’ve set out on a bold mission to develop a comprehensive software operating system that helps owners grow more and worry less.

Let’s get to work.

We know the industry and how frustrating the current way of conducting business can be. That is why we developed one platform that connects all of your team, inventory, and sales processes in one location. Get in touch with us today.

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