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Lumber Trading Should Move at YOUR Speed

We are Committed to Bringing the Lumber Industry into the Internet Age
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It’s time to UPGRADE Lumber Trading
Why should you have to trade phone calls and emails just to purchase a truck of studs or requote freight a dozen times to sell a car of plywood? We don’t think you should. BuyChain is dedicated to bringing eCommerce functionality to lumber trading while helping both buyer and selling.

Real-Time Trading

Purchase CL and TL volumes instantly  from any connected divice from live inventory or mill direct

Pricing Confidence

Buy confidently by seeing all relevant mills pricing, local distribution, and context of market print pricing

Safe And Secure

We only allow validated mills, distributors and wholesalers to sell on the platform and only creditworthy buyers to purchase

The 2nd Lowest Digitized Industry

The Construction Industry as a whole and even more so the Lumber Industry has not taken advantage of the power of technology to make your daily operations faster, cheaper and more intelligent.

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