BuyChain Operations

The market and the way we work has changed. BuyChain can help you gain a competitive edge in the age of consolidation and market volatility. Our holistic solutions bring together disparate and human-dependent data points into one centralized source of truth. Our dashboard and self-service customer portals enable you to make buying and selling decisions in real-time based on accurate data, rather than speculative, information. 

A centralized source of truth for your LBM business

Our software consolidates your business’ inventory, sales, and finances into one platform. With access to real-time data you can grow your market share while reducing risk by empowering your team to buy and sell faster and with fewer write-offs.

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) – Buychain consolidates all aspects of your finance, order and inventory management, administration and user permissions and reporting and analytics into a collective view.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Our platform enhances your ability to manage your customer relationships and engage with potential customers, improving customer acquisition and retention to grow your business.
  • eCommerce + eProcurement – Customers are demanding a higher level of self service, more transparency and greater control over their orders. Our platform allows your customers to place and track orders online.
  • TMS (Transportation Management System) – BuyChain provides everything you need to plan, deploy and optimize the movement and documentation of inventory. Our platform offers complete logistics and vendor management capabilities as well as our proprietary real-time rail tracing for even greater control.

Buy and sell faster and easier

BuyChain is the end-to-end supply chain management software for the LBM industry that unifies and mobilizes your team, sales, inventory, and banking in order to meet the demands of an increasingly volatile market.


With the incredible rise of material cost, your business must be better at managing risk in inventory turns and credit management.


High monthly volatility creates a challenging and risky operating environment that requires a modern real-time tools.


Customers expect access to information on their schedule not yours, your system need to deliver customer self-service.


Surveys show 62% of all employees worked remote part of each day, you need to support web-based and mobile access.

Your Growth Partner

We are founded by fourth generation lumber professionals and know what it takes to be successful in lumber. Our industry knowledge is further informed by our expert advisory team and by listening to our customers as we develop the tools they need. 


BuyChain helps LBM suppliers become their customers’ preferred vendor. Our system can  modernize your operations, increase customer satisfaction and stabilize your business in a volatile market landscape. We help suppliers mitigate their risk while maximizing profit.


BuyChain is an end-to-end solution that will revolutionize every aspect of your distributorship from managing client relationships and negotiating major contracts to forecasting sales and anticipating industry trends.


BuyChain helps LBM retailers provide an unrivaled customer experience and eliminates longtime, industry-wide constraints on profitability and growth. 

Replace your
hammer with a nail gun.

Give your team the tools they need to build and grow the business. Schedule a personalized product demo today. During your demo we’ll show you how BuyChain can digitize your operations, provide real-time data, and reduce risk. Our software solutions can help your LBM company combat volatility and gain a competitive edge.