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BuyChain’s operating software gives LBM companies a competitive edge. With our end-to-end solution you can sell and buy faster, reduce risk, and unify your teams through one streamlined system.

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Unify your business operations onto one feature packed platform

BuyChain is an end-to-end, multi-faceted platform designed to unify, simplify, and streamline LBM business processes. Our single, comprehensive platform can replace and unify all of your various fractured systems:

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) – Buychain consolidates all aspects of your finance, order and inventory management, administration and user permissions and reporting and analytics into a collective view.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Our platform enhances your ability to manage your customer relationships and engage with potential customers, improving customer acquisition and retention to grow your business.
  • eCommerce + eProcurement – Customers are demanding a higher level of self service, more transparency and greater control over their orders. Our platform allows your customers to place and track orders online.
  • TMS (Transportation Management System) – BuyChain provides everything you need to plan, deploy and optimize the movement and documentation of inventory. Our platform offers complete logistics and vendor management capabilities as well as our proprietary real-time rail tracing for even greater control.

The changing market landscape demands a responsive platform

It is no secret that the LBM industry is changing. It’s always been a high volatility and high volume market – and yet in recent years this volatility has exploded by an estimated 30 percent. Accordingly, BuyChain products and services are continuously being improved and optimized in response to our customers’ and the market’s evolving demands.

Our cloud-based platform allows us to introduce customer requested product improvements in real-time. Our monthly product updates are remotely pushed to you, making upgrading your system as automatic and painless as your regular smartphone updates.


With the incredible rise of material cost, your business must be better at managing risk in inventory turns and credit management.


High monthly volatility creates a challenging and risky operating environment that requires a modern real-time tools.


Customers expect access to information on their schedule not yours, your system need to deliver customer self-service.


Surveys show 62% of all employees worked remote part of each day, you need to support web-based and mobile access.

Partner With Us

BuyChain is here to help our LBM partners grow their market share by consolidating intelligence into a single view and enabling your team to act on it with speed, accuracy and ease.


Our end-to-end software consolidates your As your partner, BuyChain can help take the risk and ambiguity out of your business, saving time, providing actionable insight, and replacing subject prior pricing with firm offers.


BuyChain is an end-to-end solution that will revolutionize every aspect of your distributorship from managing client relationships and negotiating major contracts to forecasting sales and anticipating industry trends.


BuyChain is an end-to-end solution that will The current way of doing things is slowing you down. Let us show you how the BuyChain platform instantly gives you access to more information so you can buy more, service your customers better, and manage today’s market.

Replace your
hammer with a nail gun.

Give your team the tools they need to build and grow the business. Schedule a personalized product demo today. During your demo we’ll show you how BuyChain can digitize your operations, provide real-time data, and reduce risk. Our software solutions can help your LBM company combat volatility and gain a competitive edge.