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100 Years Of Lumber Family Heritage

Our Founding Story

4th Generation Lumberman

In 1919 my Great Grandfather founded Lorden Lumber in Milford, NH. For many years it was the largest full-line wholesale lumber yard in New England. The business was passed down to my Grandfather (pictured left) and his two brothers after WWII. My other Grandfather worked there as well as running marketing. Fast forward a number of years and my Father worked there unloading boxcars, stacking freshly cut pine boards on the green chain. While I was growing up I used to help my grandfather clear land and played in the sawdust pile (BTW this is not safe – don’t try this at home).

As the Co-Founder and CEO of BuyChain, I feel a unique sense of pride as we work to make a lasting positive impact on an industry that has provided for my family for 100 years.

Ryan Cahill

CEO, BuyChain

Ryan was always looking for new and innovative ways to work in the industry as he began to make his mark. The idea of trading lumber via the internet was a new and exciting concept. However, the lumber industry wasn’t ready to adopt such technology. Now, many years later with a more experienced outlook and respect for how lumber trading truly operates, the timing couldn’t be better. Introducing BuyChain – A platform designed for a better way to trade lumber.

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