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The Benefit of BuyChain for Lumber Buyers

The purpose of our online marketplace is to help both buyers and sellers of wholesale commodity lumber products. In this page, we will outline the specific benefits of the application for Wholesale Lumber buyers.

Just some of the ways we make selling Lumber Easier, Cheaper & Faster

We are constantly rolling out new features thanks to input from our customers and partners, but these are some of the most powerful capabilities we have built so far.

RFQ Management

Automated RFP management so buyers can get accurate price quotes on their inquiries without taking your time, so you only respond to offers.

Instant Purchasing

All active inventory and priced production is available for instant purchase, so you can sell directly off pricelist 24/7 without you needed to respond

Market Pricing & Insights

Feel confident in your pricing decisions with market prices in real-time and greater visibility into market moves and macro trends.

Transaction Dashboard

Easily keep track of orders, PO's, shipment and logistics details all in one place. Organized based on your locations and sales that can be filtered to your personal view.

Logistic Automation

The platform will automatically revise pricing to show delivered to the customer's destination. If you are on the line with customers with the click of a button can get any FOB mill to delivered price based on your own freight rates.

Customer Insights

Detailed reporting on all orders for pricing, product type, volume, shipment, and more to give you better insights into where your products travel, the best markets for your products and highest value customers.

Logistic Management

Real-Time order tracking, automatic notifications of shipment or delay and one-click request for updates are handled by the platform directly to the customer. No more chasing trucks or tracking cars. Production delays can be sent to all impacted customers with the one click.

Full Customer Profiles

You will see the buyers profile, credit rating, purchase behavior and logistics details so you always know who you are selling to. Qualified wholesale buyers, distributors and retails customers buying in full truck and carload quantities are the only buyers allowed onto our platform.


Total Transparency

Full transparent trades on anything you sell in the platform. Who you sold the products to, what you sold it for, where it was shipped and when it delivered to facilitate a transparent market and also reduce the amount of speculation and market volatility. 

What we are focused on solving for you

The Mission for BuyChain

We are relentlessly working on building a solution that gives lumber buyers in retail, distribution, truss and pallet manufacturing and the ability to buy faster, cheaper, easier and smarter from anywhere at anytime.

Phone Tag Game

No longer do you need to rely on phone, email or human confirmation of a trade. Buy what & when you want directly from your computer or phone.

The Back and Forth

The industry has a long history of negotiation which buyers use to get the best price. Now negotiate without the phone calls back and forth.

Painful RFQ's

Getting an RFP priced from a few mills or distributors for your tally and locations has been a hassle. Now it can be done in seconds so you can just buy what you need.

Manually Mangement

Lumber buyers sometimes miss market moves, forget to fill orders or run low on products costing valuable sales. We built in notifications to keep you informed on the market and purchase frequency to help.

Time it Takes to Trade

Trades today can take an hour to days to finalize. We can complete an order from your device in a second from anywhere in the world.

Sorting the PO Pile

Lumber buyers have the headache of keeping track of all their orders, shipments and tracking details. Now we organize all of that in one place.

Tracking Shipments

Managing the logistics for some lumber buyers is a full-time job chasing cars and trucks. We track this in real-time in your dashboard and notify you proactively with any changes.

No More Games

Every lumber buyer has been burned by a speculator or had canceled loads. Buy with confidence directly from mills and distributors with real inventory or rolling cars with tracking numbers.

Become a Product Advisor

We have some amazing engineers and industry experts as part of our team but we know we can’t know all the challenges Lumber Buyers may face and also would love to hear your ideas on how we can make this a must-use tool for you every day. We are expanding our Customer Council and if you would be willing to be a product tester and give us feedback we would appreciate you helping us make this the best tool possible…oh and we have a SPECIAL OFFER for you if you participate 🙂

Tech Powered Convenience

Our world-class engineers are building a platform that will save you time, money and headaches

The Lumber Industry is terribly behind other industries. When you can track your pizza being made in real time on Domino’s app or summon a car to your exact location with Uber, shouldn’t a Lumber buyer be able to purchase a truck of 2x4 studs without a hassle – we think so and are building that foundation and much more!

Anywhere & Anytime

BuyChain is committed to ultimate convenience and mobility, so you can buy, track and view anywhere 24/365

The BuyChain Lumber Marketplace is built from the ground up to be responsive which means it will adjust to the size of any device and screen from any web browser. Next year we will be launching native applications for iOS and Android to make it even easier on mobile devices. We believe you should be able to buy, track orders, submit an RFQ and get order confirmations from the yard, the office, your couch, the beach, the golf course…basically anywhere!

Supporting YOUR Goals

The vision for BuyChain is to be your most helpful, trusted and valuable buying partner

We win when you win. Our goal is to make you look good, help you get the best price possible, from your favorite mill and the exact tally you need. We want to take the pains of chasing orders, trying to figure out the what the market is doing, tracking shipments and getting orders prices out. BuyChain should give you the confidence you are getting the best deal, make quoting an instant process and help you buy lumber faster and easier than ever before.

We are BuyChain – Welcome to the future of Lumber Purchasing!

Thank you to our amazing Industry Partners, Mills and Distributors, Customer Council and Investors who have made this vision possible. We are just getting started and excited about building the future of the lumber industry together!


Here are some frequency asked questions about the BuyChain Platform and our Company

We understand this is something new for the Lumber Industry and that there have been some past failures with people trying the same model. Here are some answers to help you get to know us better and ow the Lumber Marketplace works.

How does the Lumber Marketplace work

We built BuyChain to be a direct transaction platform which means a “Buyer” can buy directly from a “Supplier” right through our website 24/7 265.

Who can I buy from?

We define a “Supplier” or those who can sell through the platform as a Mill, Importer, Distributor or Wholesaler. So really you should be able to buy from anyone you trade with already, but get the benefits of our convenience, dashboards, tracking, and notifications.

Who handles logistics?

The logistics are managed and handled by the “supplier” or seller. They are also responsible to input tracking details into BuyChain as part of their seller agreement for online tracking.

What can I buy?

BuyChain currently offer SPF, HF, DF dimensional lumber, plywood, and OSB.  BuyChain only sells in full truckload a carload quantities today.

What does BuyChain cost?

BuyChain’s Lumber Marketplace does not put any margin on a transaction. Buyers in the platform pay a flat monthly fee to access the platform and use its features and Sellers pay a flat transaction fee.

Who is behind BuyChain?

BuyChain was founded by former Lumber Wholesalers, Supply Chain Experts, and a former semi-pro hockey player. So it is safe to say we have a solid team. We also are backed by some of the top mills and customers in the industry as well as experienced investors.

When will BuyChain launch?

We are targeting the end of 2018 for public platform launch, but the suppliers and buyers who are part of our Customer Council will get advanced access and exclusive pricing.

Where do you support?

BuyChain in its initial launch will support the greater Northeast and MidAtlantic which will be from Maine in the North, Virginia in the South, Ohio in the West.

Built For Lumber Pros by Lumber Pros

Our team has decades of Lumber experience and when combined with our Customer Council’s expertise, give us confidence in our product.

Dedicated to Innovation

BuyChain is going to revolutionize how Lumber is bought and sold to improve the experience for all participants.

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